• enameled flat wire
  • enameled copper clad aluminum wire
  • paper covered wire

Enameled Copper/Aluminum Wire

  • Conductor: Aluminum and Copper
  • Diameter: 0.19-8.0mm
  • Standard: IEC,NEMA,JIS,GB
  • Bobbin: PT-25,PT-30,PT-60,30KG/50KG Wooden Spool
  • Application: Sealed motor,transformer,generator,welding machine and so on

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Enameled Wire

Enameled wire is a wire coated with a thin layer of insulation to prevent the wire surfaces from being in a short circuit when wound into coils.
Magnetic flux is created when current flows through the coil. It is used mainly in the construction of motors, electromagnets, transformers and inductors.
For ease of manufacturing inductive components like transformers and inductors, most of these wires can be soldered.
Enameled wires are classified by their diameter (AWG gauge number or millimetres), temperature class and insulation thickness.
A thicker insulation layer results in a higher breakdown voltage (BDV). Common temperature classes are 130, 155, 180 and 200 °C.

Enameled Aluminum Wire

The mechanical, electrical and chemical characteristics of aluminum magnet wire differ from those of copper magnet wire ,
because of the inherent differences in the conductor materials.
These differences are reflected in certain test procedures and/or performance requirements for aluminum magnet wire,
such as elongation, adherence and flexibility, heat shock, scrape resistance, continuity and thermal endurance.
Large round sizes, all rectangular film coated and all fibrous covered wire shall have yield strength not less than 9000 PSI.
Round enamelled winding wire of copper, heat resistant, class 180

Enameled Copper Wire

-Suitable for winding in high speed machines
-Very good resistance to transformer oils
-Very good resistance to typical solvent
-Freon resistant
-Excellent resistance to mechanical stress
Field of application:
-Electrical devices
-Oil-immersed transformers
-Cast-resin transformers

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