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  • Conductor: aluminum and copper
  • Diameter Range (mm): 0.19-4.0
  • Temp Class: 130,155,180,200,220
  • Standard: GB
  • Package: PT-25, PT-30, PT-60, 30kg/50kg wooden spool

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Advantages of ECCA:

1. Light-weight: ECCA is about one-third of the weight of copper wire of the same thickness.
This is extremely advantageous for reducing the weight of the coil
2. DC resistance: ECCA has about 1.5 times the DC resistance of copper wire.
Because it is three times as light as copper wire, however, only one-half of the weight of copper wire is needed to handle the same current
3. Soldering: Because the surface of the conductor of ECCA is clad with copper, there is no need for special soldering as is the case with aluminum wire.
Soldering can be done in exactly the same way as with copper wire

(1)Sealed motors working under high temperature
(2)Modern instruments
(3)Welding machines
(4)0ther deflecting coils.

Enameled Type Polyester or Solderable Polyurethane Modified Polyester or Solderable Polyurethane polyester-imide Or Solderable Polyurethane Polyamide-imide polyester-imide /Polyamide-imide
Products type PEW/130 UEW/130 PEW/155 UEW/155 EIW/180 UEW/180 EI/AIW/200 EIW(EI/AIW)/220
Temp Class 130 155 180 200 220
Insulation Grade Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3 Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3 Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3 Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3 Grade1/Grade2/ Grade3
Standard IEC,NEMA,JIS,GB or according to customers’ requirements

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