Henan MG Magnet Wire CO .,LTD.
established in 1994,the general
headquarters is located in Jinshui
Zone,Zhengzhou City,the production
base located in Economy ...

MG Factory

Henan MG Magnet Wire Co.,LTD,established in 1994,the general headquarters is located in Jinshui Zone,Zhengzhou City,the production base located in Economy and technology gathering area,Xinxiang City,Henan Province.Our company specializes in electrical, power industry, copper and aluminum wire R & D and manufacturing,magnet wire annual output 50000 tons.Company registered capital of 100 million yuan,fixed assets of 400 million yuan,company covers an area of 300 acres,with more than 600 employees,including more than 90 technical and economic talents.And our company is the first private enterprises manufacturing winding wire in Henan province,through 20 years of unremitting efforts,MG company entered the Top 100 private enterprises in Henan province,Top 1 ratepaying in development zone,Xinxiang city.Also is the northern region of China's largest specialized winding production base.MG company is one of the eight suppliers of electromagnetic wire,recommended by the domestic industry of transformer,jointly certified by China Machinery Industry Federation and the State Grid Corporation,involved in the national standard for the development of magnet wire,China's wire and cable winding wire branch members.

Our company selected the superior Jiangxi Copper and foreign Chile 3C electrolytic copper,Smelting-rod casting-rolling-extrusion-enameled-wrapping,improve the process,and control strictly,in order to ensure the stability and consistency of electromagnetic wire quality.Our Company adhere to the "quality first" concept of quality,from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products are implemented pieces of detection,comprehensive sampling before leave the factory,while the establishment of products can be traceable production quality records.MG magnet wire rely on high quality product quality and service,with ABB,Siemens,National Power Grid Corp,CSIC,TBEA,CHNT,Harbin Power Group,NARI and other well-known enterprises domestic and foreign enterprises long-term depth of cooperation,keep perennial support,and formed a brand effect in the industry,established the dominant position.

We aim to be leading manufacturer of winding wire in the industry,continue to increase investment in new products,oriented domestic and foreign well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises,to achieve the transformation of manufacturing to creation.Centered on the business position of “internet + trade + production”, it is striving to constantly improve management, guarantee product quality, and develop into a specialist manufacturer for the global industry.